Your Competitive Advantage

The IDG Partnership. More than a vendor, IDG is a trusted partner to the major leaders in the games industry. Through IDG’s dedicated approach to research, business intelligence, and client service, the majority of our clients have worked with us for over 10 years. Whether the project is big or small, the IDG Analyst Team goes above and beyond on every client engagement to exceed expectations – over 90% of our client work is through repeat business and client referrals. While consulting clients are kept anonymous, on the left is a partial list of past clients of IDG research.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“For us, IDG is simply the bible – we use their data as the benchmark for all our major business decisions.”
– Senior Vice President, Top 3 Media Company

“’What sets IDG apart is that their forecasts and their insight are based on solid facts and intelligence from people in the Industry on the ground. In terms of planning, budgeting and making the right investment, they are the right partner every time. Couldn’t work without them.”
– COO, Top 10 Global Publisher

“IDG provides unprecedented insight into the industry. They are an incredibly important partner to senior management in giving perspective on current issues and new ideas.”
– CFO, Top 10 Global Publisher

“IDG is among the most plugged-in resources in the interactive entertainment industry. They can always be relied upon for insightful conclusions and accurate projections….among the only players out there that take a global perspective. They know the business and the people that drive it. They listen, they study and they advise. IDG is top notch.”
– Founding Partner, Premier Media Private Equity Firm

“I rely on IDG because they not only report on what is happening in my industry, but also why. IDG’s analysis goes in depth on the causes of industry trends, and they aren’t afraid to make verifiable predictions about the future.”
– President and CEO, Top 10 Global Publisher

“IDG’s track record is beyond reproach and those who ignore their guidance do so at their own peril. IDG constantly strives to sharpen their analytical spectrum while remaining rooted in common sense.”
– Board Member, Top 10 Global Publisher

“IDG is the most respected and insightful resource to the interactive entertainment industry. Now in its third decade of service, IDG is well seasoned, with the wisdom to listen and the courage to take a stand.”
– Former President, Leading Console Manufacturer

“Since the early days of video games, IDG’s research has been way in front of the pack. Their team is quick to read trends, sensitive to changes in momentum, and in complete command of the nuances impacting the games business. If I need to check the facts, or get a sense of the future, IDG is the first place I go.”
– President, Investment Firm