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  • IDG Publishes Global Forecast Update – August 2017

    This publication covers H1 2017 performance of the console/retail markets for the US, Western Europe and Japan and provides an update on our 5-year forecast. Topics covered in this publication include:

    • Analysis of the latest trends affecting the console and handheld markets including PS4 vs. Xbox One sales comparison and 2DS XL’s launch effect on Japan’s 3DS market
    • IDG commentary on the Switch’s performance to-date and sales for the console’s top performing software
    • Hardware and Software H1 2017 performance summaries, along with top publishers and titles for the US, Western Europe and Japan
    • Summary of changes made to the IDG forecast by platform and country/territory as well as rationales for the changes as well as IDG’s industry model in Excel and Tableau formats

    This report is complimentary for IDG Premium and IDG Primary Subscribers but can be purchased individually from our online store here: IDG Research Store.  If you are interested in IDG’s services, please email Yoshio Osaki at or call our main office at (415) 674-4600.

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