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  • IDG Publishes Navigating the Steam Market Thought Piece – July 2017

    Steam has become one of the leading retailers in the digital era and an archetype of global trends within the PC market. In this report, IDG delves into trends at a genre level and dissects how game features and themes can affect player engagement. Topics include:

    • Audit of Steam’s current standing within the PC marketplace and summary of the issues with the current genre breakdown based on Steam’s genre algorithm
    • Overview of IDG’s new, proprietary framework for genres that utilizes Steam’s user-defined tags to more accurately evaluate the performance of Steam’s portfolio of titles
    • Study of Steam’s current genre makeup through the lens of IDG’s genre algorithm, including deeper findings on the top four genres: Shooter, Strategy, Action and RPG
    • Supplemental study of non-genre specific tags including features and themes, and their effect on player engagement

    Navigating the Steam Market Thought Piece includes a separate file of interactive Tableau dashboards that will allow clients to analyze the Steam dataset on their own. This report is complimentary for IDG Premium and IDG Primary Subscribers but can be purchased individually from our online store here: IDG Research Store. If you are interested in IDG’s services, please email Yoshio Osaki at or call our main office at (415) 674-4600.

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