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  • IDG Publishes Q2 2017 Quarterly Digital Report – August 2017

    This report covers IDG insights into the Mobile, Digital PC and Digital Console gaming categories, digital forecast and rationales by segment, segment spotlights, and an updated 5-year forecast. Topics include:

    • Summary and commentary on Apple’s upcoming redesign of the App Store in iOS 11
    • Insights into the gradual push of mobile into the AR space akin to Pokémon GO, and examination of the current state of VR on console
    • Discussion on the diverging trends between Mobile and PC esports
    • Assessment of the current subscription offerings and future viability of the subscription model on PC
    • Rundown of success factors for Western publishers wishing to break into Asia and recent examples of Western titles that have flourished in Asian markets of late
    • Dialogue on the importance of user-generated content and planned generated content in PC games
    • Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the gradual shift in economics on console towards live services + microtransactions and Free-to-Play business models

    This report is complimentary for IDG Premium and IDG Digital Subscribers. If you are interested in IDG’s services, please email Yoshio Osaki at or call our main office at (415) 674-4600.

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