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  • IDG Publishes Q4 2017 Digital Report – February 2018

    This report covers IDG insights into the Mobile, Digital PC, and Digital Console gaming categories, digital forecast and rationales by segment, segment spotlights, and an updated 5-year forecast provided in Excel and Tableau formats. Topics include:


    • Apple’s new requirements to disclose odds for lootboxes in games on the iOS App Store
    • Changing dynamics in User Acquisition
    • Disney’s acquisition of Fox IP and FoxNext Games
    • Emerging mobile battle royale titles

    Digital PC

    • Continued growth for the Battle Royale genre and its impact on other major genres
    • Performance of the top performing VR titles in 2017
    • Potential resurgence in browser gaming related to 5G technology
    • Implications for the recently discovered Meltdown and Spectre security flaws

    Digital Console

    • Revival of AA games thanks to investments like Take-Two’s Private Division
    • Nintendo’s emerging strategy for the Chinese market
    • Star Wars Battlefront II’s lootbox fiasco
    • Xbox One X and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds impact on Xbox One sales
    • Microsoft’s decision to include first-party titles day-and-date on Xbox Game Pass

    This report is complimentary for IDG Premium and IDG Digital Subscribers. If you are interested in IDG’s services, please email Yoshio Osaki at or call our main office at (415) 674-4600.

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