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  • IDG Publishes The Esports Guidebook Thought Piece – October 2017

    The esports market is one of the most exciting and fast-growing categories that gaming has seen in years, but it is still relatively immature. This report outlines how companies can navigate the very complicated and difficult growing pains that esports will have to undergo to evolve from Esports 1.0 to Esports 2.0. Topics include:

    • The events and drivers that have helped shape esports into what it is today, as well as what makes a game a successful esport
    • Ways in which esports and physical sports are similar, as well as the critical ways in which they are different
    • Key differences in how esports is developing in different regions of the world
    • What key companies are doing to advance esports, what Esports 2.0 may look like, and what the industry still needs to reach the next level

    This report is complimentary for IDG Premium and IDG Primary Subscribers but can be purchased individually from our online store here: IDG Research Store.  If you are interested in IDG’s services, please email Yoshio Osaki at or call our main office at (415) 674-4600.

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