Syndicated Research

Syndicated Research

Every year, IDG publishes ten reports for our subscriber base, six focused on the traditional video games market, and four on the digital market.

IDG’s Primary Subscription includes:

  • A 300+ page annual industry white paper featuring comprehensive coverage and
    forecasts for the worldwide video game markets
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  • IDG’s white paper, a.k.a. “The Big Book” covers:

    • Console, PC, and digital gaming segments
    • Executive Summary on the state of the industry
    • In-depth regional focus: North America, Europe, Japan, and Rest of World markets
    • Hardware and software sales forecasts for the next 5 years (till 2017)
    • Digital gaming projections, insights, and analysis
    • Profiles and data points for top retailers and distributors
    • Merger and acquisition trends
    • Content and business model trends

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  • 3 quarterly industry recaps and forecast updates
  • 2 industry thought-pieces on topics of key interest to our clientele
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Previous thought-pieces have included:
  • IDG Latin America Update
    Publication Date: November 2012

    • Deep-dive on Mexican and Brazilian video game markets,
      including analysis of pricing and overview of key retailers
      and distributors
    • Highlight of opportunities and challenges from the digital

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  • The New Normal: Digital’s Impact on the Gaming Ecosystem
    Publication Date: July 2012

    • Deep-dive on free-to-play
    • Analysis of key trends and the implications for traditional
      industry players
    • Detailed update on IDG’s digital forecast

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  • The Economics of Game Publishing
    Publication Date: July 2011

    • Long-term outlook for console manufacturers in the next
    • Detailed breakeven models for key digital segments

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IDG’s quarterly digital reports include:

  • High level digital trends
  • Key news by category
  • Economic trends / Monetization by category
  • Digital insights by category
  • Changes to IDG digital forecast / digital forecast summary
  • Recent M&A activity / Investments / Partnerships
  • Market sizing by category / platform / revenue stream / territory
  • 5-year digital forecast
  • Top Titles

IDG ‘s syndicated research is leveraged by companies ranging from video game publishers and developers, to retailers and distributors, as well as investors and media firms.