IDG Primary Subscription: 2018 Publication Schedule Overview

6 publications are distributed throughout the year, consisting of 3 in-depth Industry Forecast Updates, one Annual
Industry White Paper on the entire global market, and 2 Industry Thought Pieces.

1) March 2018 – Annual Games Industry White Paper

  • 2017 Year in Review for North America, Europe, and Japan
  • Major compendium of the entire global video game industry
  • In-depth coverage at the country level for major territories and Rest-of-World markets
  • Updated forecasts of key gaming markets through 2022
  • Insights and analysis on emerging industry trends

2) May 2018 – Global Forecast Update

  • Analysis of Q1 2018 gaming trends
  • Revised industry forecasts for console retail and digital to 2022

3) July 2018 – IDG Thought Piece #1 (topic to be determined)

  • IDG publishes two Thought Pieces per year based on industry trends, client demand, and skill set fit
  • Past July Thought Pieces include “Navigating the Steam Market,” “The Anatomy of a Hit,” “The Economics of Game Publishing,” “New Frontiers in Gaming: VR/AR,” and “Digital Gaming Market Study”

4) August 2018 – Global Forecast Update

  • H1’18 in Review for North America, Europe, and Japan
  • Detailed analysis on the console market and revised projections through 2022

5) October 2018 – IDG Thought Piece #2 (topic to be determined)

  • Prior October Thought Pieces have included an in-depth report on the Esports Market, the Latin America
  • Games Market (Brazil, Mexico, ROLA) and an Asian Gaming Market Study

6) November 2018 – Global Forecast Update and Holiday Preview

  • Review of Q1-Q3’18
  • Revised industry forecasts through 2022 and Holiday 2018 Preview