Digital reports



IDG's quarterly update on the global digital gaming markets covers the mobile, PC and console markets in North America, Europe, Asia and Rest of World. This comprehensive report features IDG's thoughts and analysis on key relevant topics and events, such as:

  • The maturation of esports and high turnover rates in top teams

  • Consumer reactions to store-exclusivity deals

  • What the growing government scrutiny into loot boxes can mean for the market

  • Evaluation of performances by key title and publisher

In addition, this report includes updates to IDG's 5-year digital games forecast, a round-up of relevant news and M&As, and top titles by platform.

Released: August 16, 2019



Topics covered in the IDG insights section include:

  • Mobile: Expectations for Call of Duty Mobile, China’s new guidelines for approving new games, PUBG Mobile replaced with Game for Peace in China, Epic Games Store for Android, Zynga’s comeback, mobile subscription services for games like Apple Arcade, demographic insights on mobile players, and no-code app development

  • Digital PC: Epic Game Store trends and exclusive agreements, followup on loot boxes, update on Apex Legends, new generations of VR hardware, and Microsoft’s decision to publish catalog titles on Steam

  • Digital Console: Publishers and platform holders moving to direct presentations, IDG’s thoughts on PS5 specification reveal, Xbox’s efforts to penetrate other platforms, Sony and Microsoft’s recent partnership for cloud infrastructure and cloud gaming, a look at catalog sale techniques, the impact of F2P battle royale games, and the industry’s shift away from sequels and towards live service games with a special look at sports games

Released: May 17, 2019



Topics covered in the IDG insights section include:

  • Mobile: Analysis of Supercell’s latest title Brawl Stars, performance of PUBG Mobile, discussion on Apple’s disappointing performance in China, Epic Games upcoming Android storefront, and core mobile titles

  • Digital PC: Steam’s new revenue sharing tiers, the newly launched Epic Games Store, Blizzard’s decision to downsize Heroes of the Storm, and Nexon’s plans to sell the company

  • Digital Console: Speculation of next-gen console hardware features, early impressions of Anthem, launch performance of Apex Legends, the opportunity for free-to-play on Nintendo Switch, and Microsoft’s ambitions for a game streaming offering through Xbox Game Pass

Released: February 11, 2019


Topics covered in the IDG insights section include:

  • Mobile: Analysis of hit puzzle RPG Empires & Puzzles, resurgence of Pokémon GO, landscape of mobile advertising networks, examination of the Chinese government's crackdown on games, Try Now trials on Google Play, Fortnite’s Android launch off the Play Store, and Nintendo’s latest mobile title entitled Draglia Lost

  • Digital PC: Analysis of global livestreaming platforms, Twitch viewership by game genre, viewership of Overwatch League’s first season, Discord’s emergence as a storefront, Call of Duty’s success on, and Tencent’s international WeGame launch

  • Digital Console: A comparison of Project Stream and xCloud game streaming offerings, analysis of Twitch viewership for Call of Duty and Battlefield betas, postmortem on Telltale, IDG's thoughts on the digital tipping point for console game sales, and Fortnite’s win for cross-platform play

Released: November 7, 2018



Topics covered in the IDG insights section include:

  • Mobile: Asymmetrical multiplayer in Identity V, Honor of Kings struggles outside of China, deep dive on HQ Trivia, Nintendo’s mobile strategy, Fortnite Mobile vs. PUBG Mobile’s performance, free-to-play’s advantage in cross-platform gaming, free trials for premium priced iOS games, and Apple’s terms for the Steam Link app

  • Digital PC: Discussion of Call of Duty’s move off of Steam, WeGame and Twitch’s expansion as a PC games platform, Valve’s strategy to defend its top position, Epic’s new revenue share for the Unreal Engine Marketplace, Valve’s continued efforts obfuscate Steam market data, efforts to prevent toxic speech, and increasing investment in esports

  • Digital Console: Microsoft’s newly acquired development studios, game streaming’s viability and potential impact, and Sony’s reticence on cross-platform play

Released: August 9, 2018



Topics covered in the IDG insights section include:

  • Mobile: Location-based games, narrative games, battle royale, and Facebook Instant Games

  • Digital PC: Demise of Steam Spy, analysis of Steam Tags, Amazon’s push into the games market, and EA’s Origin Access

  • Digital Console: Sea of Thieves launch results with Game Pass, greater investment in open world games, update on loot boxes, Fortnite, and the strategy of the 3 major platform holders to attract and support indies

Released: May 15, 2018



Topics covered in the IDG insights section include:

  • Mobile: Apple’s policy to disclose loot box odds, trends in User Acquisition, Disney’s 21st Century Fox acquisition, and NetEase’s mobile battle royale titles

  • Digital PC: Analysis of PUBG players on Steam, performance of top Steam VR titles, HTML5 games, and the impact of Meltdown and Spectre security flaws on gaming PC’s

  • Digital Console: Publisher investment in experienced Indie studios like Take-Two’s Private Division, Nintendo’s strategy in China, the Battlefront II debacle, and analysis of Xbox’s strategies including the Xbox One X, PUBG launch exclusivity, and Game Pass

Released: February 8, 2018



Topics covered in the IDG insights section include:

  • Mobile: Mobile AR, King and Zynga’s rise against Machine Zone’s decline, rewarded video ads, and mobile payment providers

  • Digital PC: Early analysis on Windows Mixed Reality VR/AR headsets, Valve’s move to open up Steam with Steam Direct, Fortnite’s emergence against PUBG

  • Digital Console: Indie success on the Nintendo Switch eShop, prominence of Xbox Live and PSN, free-to-play titles on console, and microtransaction controversies surrounding Forza Motorsport 7, NBA 2K18, Destiny 2, and Shadow of War

Released: November 7, 2017



Topics covered in the IDG insights section include:

  • Mobile: Apple’s more curated approach to the iOS App Store, 2016’s growth thanks to Clash Royale and Pokémon GO, ARKit announcements from Apple, and mobile esports

  • Digital PC: Steam’s lack of curation, Twitch’s impact on PUBG, subscription services on PC like Origin Access, keys to success for Western titles in China, and the importance of UGC and PGC

  • Digital Console: State of VR, Sony’s Playlink initiative, the impact of Games-as-a-Service, console free-to-play titles, and PSN/Xbox Live’s digital marketplaces

Released: August 4, 2017



Topics covered in the IDG insights section include:

  • Mobile: Changes to iOS and Google Play storefronts, lack of hit shooters on mobile, and key trends in emerging markets

  • Digital PC: Discoverability on Steam, cloud gaming services, performance of premium games in China like Overwatch, and expansion of livestreaming services from YouTube, Twitch, Facebook Live, and Microsoft’s Mixer

  • Digital Console: Digital’s impact on retailers, Nintendo’s more bullish stance on digital, improved service offerings from all console platforms, transmedia strategies from publishers, EA’s decision to skip the season pass for Mass Effect: Andromeda, and an initial read on Project Scorpio

Released: May 5, 2017