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Emerging Markets

When examining Emerging Markets, many observers think of China, South Korea, Southeast Asia, and Latin America. But there are other territories that are also bringing new growth and value to the worldwide games market. In that spirit, IDG's thought piece focuses on some of the most prominent console markets within the Emerging Markets segment, including Australia / New Zealand, Middle East / North Africa, Russia, Poland, India and Turkey. This report offers:

  • Snapshot of each country/territory's console performance during H1 2019

  • 2018-2023E hardware and software sales estimates and forecasts by platform

  • 2018-2023E revenue estimates and forecasts by console segment: hardware, physical software, full game purchases, add-on content and subscription

  • Top titles and top publishers for Q2 2019

  • IDG's 5-year forecast in Excel and Tableau formats

Released: October 8, 2019


Cloud Gaming

Cloud Gaming is one of the most exciting yet least understood parts of the games market, and it will have a critical impact on the future of gaming, technology, and entertainment. This special IDG Thought Piece is the definitive industry primer on Cloud Gaming - the most detailed research and analysis of its kind - as it delves into this burgeoning market with a focus on current cloud gaming leaders (PlayStation Now, GeForce NOW and Shadow by Blade), upcoming cloud game services that are set to impact the market (Google Stadia and Microsoft Project xCloud), along with potential new entrants (Amazon, Netflix, Tencent, Walmart, etc.). This report features detailed insights on technology trends, competitive landscape, feature set comparisons, market entry strategy, and predictions for the future. Any company looking to enter this space - platform holders, game publishers/developers, technology providers, media companies, telco/mobile leaders, retailers, and endemic and non-endemic brands - can leverage this report as a valuable guidebook to navigate this new opportunity. The IDG Cloud Gaming Thought Piece includes a 5-year forecast of the North American and European markets, as well as the following:

  • Analysis of market readiness by demographic, platform, genre and territory

  • Overview of technical hurdles for cloud to reach mass market, including analysis of broadband speeds, latency issues, and the coming of 5G

  • Analysis of business models, including pros and cons of various monetization types, along with projections on how the future landscape will look

  • Deep-dive into the top 5 cloud market leaders, as well as quick dashboards analyzing other potential entrants, such as Tencent, Walmart and Amazon, among others

Released: July 29, 2019


Case Studies in Post-Launch Monetization

IDG's client base has been calling for an in-depth research report on post-launch monetization strategies for over 3 years, since the right strategies can be the key to driving meaningful growth in a competitive market. That feedback drove us to create this report, which is crucial reading for all games industry leaders. Our exhaustive research covers case studies for every existing and emerging scheme, looking at how major titles like Fortnite, Call of Duty, Rainbow Six Siege, and Overwatch (among many others), have monetized. Strategies analyzed include Loot Boxes, Battle Pass, Virtual Goods, Virtual Currency, and User Generated Content, among 12 in total. Key topics include:

  • IDG’s insights into the sustained presence of Games-as-a-Service

  • Analysis of psychological factors that drive consumer spend

  • Overview of each scheme and recent developments in the space

  • Actionable case studies discussing both good and bad implementations of each scheme

  • Risk factors and best practices for implementing the schemes in your game

Released: October 11, 2018


Latin America

IDG estimates that game sales in Latin America reached $3.9 billion in 2017 across both physical and digital sales on mobile, console and PC, and predicts that the market has the potential to reach $6.7 billion by 2022. In this report, IDG Consulting and IDG Latin America provide clients with a compendium of the most important developments in the games market for the Latin American region. This report is an essential guide for any company looking to penetrate this complex and important market.

  • Study of the market potential in Latin America for games, based on purchasing power, the breakdown of the population’s socioeconomic profiles and the effects of exchange rate fluctuations on pricing, among others

  • Challenges, opportunities, trends and best practices for the digital games space in Latin America, along with a forecast through 2022 for console, mobile and PC revenues

  • Local retail and distribution dynamics inclusive of a list of top retailers, HW/SW retail prices, a directory of top distributors and installed base estimates for Mexico, Brazil and ROLA

Released: June 22, 2018


The Esports Guidebook

Case Studies, Best Practices and Navigating a New Industry

The esports market is one of the most exciting and fast-growing categories that gaming has seen in years, but it is still relatively immature. This report outlines how companies can navigate the very complicated and difficult growing pains that esports will have to undergo to evolve from Esports 1.0 to Esports 2.0.  This definitive report is an essential resource for all gaming companies.

Released: October 6, 2017


Navigating the Steam Market

Steam has become one of the leading retailers in the digital era and an archetype of global trends within the PC market. In this report, IDG delves into trends at a genre level and dissects how game features and themes can affect player engagement. The report includes a separate file of interactive Tableau dashboards that will allow clients to analyze the Steam dataset on their own. This definitive report is an essential resource for all gaming companies.  

Released: July 28, 2017


The Business of Games

While the gaming market has never been bigger or more lucrative, the irony is that the economics of game publishing have never been more challenging for publishers and developers of all shapes and sizes. With a high failure rate of reaching profitability across most games segments and business models, understanding the business of games has never been more important than it is today. With that in mind, IDG's Thought Piece delves into the economics of game publishing for the console, mobile and online PC spaces by outlining P&L considerations and providing key insights for each segment.

Released: July 14, 2016