IDG 2018 Annual White Paper

IDG 2018 Annual White Paper


This White Paper is the essential data resource for all companies invested in the games industry, providing in-depth coverage of physical and digital video game markets in 20+ countries across the globe, including the emerging territories of Russia, Poland, Southeast Asia, Australia / New Zealand, India, Latin America, Middle East / North Africa, and Turkey

  • Analysis and insights covering all gaming segments (console, PC, and mobile), including granular 5-year forecasts for each territory (IDG’s proprietary industry model in Excel is also included)

  • Overview of major industry disruptors, including the rise of the Battle Royale genre and a discussion on the future of loot boxes, among others

  • Analysis of the accuracy of IDG’s predictions for 2017, as well as outline of what to expect for the global games industry in 2018

  • A look back at local trends and performance across all gaming segments for the top 20 countries in the market for 2017

Released: March 29, 2018

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